Curriculum Vitae


I'm Stefano Contini, male, born on 21st December 1981 in Pinerolo (Torino), Italy.
I live in Italy, near Torino.
My phone number is xxxxxxx and I've got a lot of e-mails, but write to abidibo@gmail.com or dev@abidibo.net.

I'm currently working at OTTO srl, an IT & Multimedia company in Torino. I'm a software developer dealing with web, mobile and embedded applications and UI implementation. I can develop a project from the analysis to the testing phase, walking through data structure and implementation. I've experience in both back-end and front-end, but I'm happier as a front-end awesomeness creator.

In my past life I worked as pizza delivery-man, as worker in a company doing textile samples and as physics laboratory assistant, but I think my future will be in the sofware area, even if I'd rather be a great guitarist or pianist. Unfortunately my musical skills are limited and I almost play and cry with my friends.

I graduated in Physics of Advanced Technologies the 27 july of 2007 with final mark 110/110L. My thesis was about the XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy), I love physics and I'm a good mathematician.

My mother tongue is Italian, but I can also speak, read and write in English and Español (thanks Erasmus!).

I've many years of experience in web programming techniques and I really like development a lot. Now I'll list some of my programming skills, but take a minute to surf to my github account.

Operatyng Systems
Windows, Mac OSX, Linux (Debian, Gentoo)
Web servers
Apache, nginx, lighttpd
Database engines
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, ElasticSearch
Programming languages
Python, javascript, Go, C++, PHP, objective-c, perl, applescript, labview,  C, Java & Kotlin (basic level)
Python frameworks
Django, Flask
PHP frameworks
Code Igniter, Jeff
CMS and E-Commerce
Joomla, Wordpress, GINO, Magento
Javascript stuff
React, Redux, Mootools, jQuery, Sencha, Angular, Vue.js, Polymer, RxJS, Electron
Mobile dev
React Native, Android Native Dev
UI Frameworks
Qt5, GTK3
Cocoa, Eclipse, Android Studio
Markup and friends
CSS frameworks
Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Semantic UI, Uikit
Semantic Web

Ok, and now I must say that I'm a good, honest and professional person. But the important thing is that I'm respectful, I can work in group or alone without problems and I always dedicate time to improve my knowledge because I love to learn new things.

Open your source!