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This site is targeted to those interested in web developement, web technologies, social media, android, linux and the open source world in general.

Around 26% of the audience is from the USA, 9% from United Kingdom, 7% from India, 4% from Italy and the rest made up of Canada (4%), Germany (3%), Brazil (3%), France(3%), Russia (3%), australia (3%) with the remaining percentage coming from all over the world.

In the last 3 months (october, november and december 2015) the blog had 16277, 18582 and 28598  page views, with more than 16000 sessions, up to 26202 (december 2015).

Contact me at abidibo@gmail.com if you'd like to advertise on this blog. I'm open to creative ideas for advertising, responsive banners, sponsored blog posts ..., we can find the best way to cooperate.

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