abidibo (Stefano Contini) is one of the many Italian physicists converted to developers and an amateur guitarist and pianist.

I'm currently working at Otto srl and I deal mostly with the development of web and mobile applications.
I usually work both server side (mostly python and php) and client side, no matter which DB engine, but I'm familiar with MySQL.

I like to bring to html life graphic mockups and I love javascript, I've played a lot with it, and made some interesting plugins.

I'm diving deep in the world of react, react-native, angular, node, bootstrap, less and sass and I try to stay up to date with all the new front-end stuff.

I support and agree with the open source mentality both in computer and all other sciences, I think people should share their understandings in order to increase the common knowledge of humanity. Internet gives us a great hand in doing this, let's contribute and use such instrument!

You may find some of my relevant projects on my github account and some more information on my careers and linkedin profiles.

Follow me on twitter if you like and contact me by email (abidibo@gmail.com) or skype (abidibo).

My Italian CV is not always up to date, my web CV is almost up to date.