Privacy Policy

The website abidibo.net collects e-mail addresses when the user decides to subscribe to the newsletter, in order to receive content updates.

Such e-mails are collected through the mailchimp platform, and are used exclusively to share content updates on this blog. The user may choose a category (a topic) in order to receive contents updates regarding only the choosen topic. The data are viewed by me and only me: Stefano Contini, via Giaveno 89, 10040 Cumiana (Italy). You can fetch my contact information in this blog or with a simple whois research on this domain.

abidibo.net will never share your contacts to anyone else.
abidibo.net will never share your contact with advertizers or sort of.
abidibo.net hates contacts sharing and believes in privacy importance.

If you need/want more information about the data collected (only the e-mail you provide) feel free to write directly to abidibo@gmail.com, I'll answer your questions.

If you think this page doesn't explain properly how your data are collected or why, then let me now! It's not an intended behaviour, there's nothing odd going on under the hood, I swear!

Opt out

You can decide to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time you want, every e-mail you receive contains an "unsubscribe" link. Also there is an unsubscibe page you can use at any time:

Unsubscribe from abidibo.net

Another way is to write directly to me at abidibo@gmail.com asking to remove your contact from the blog updates list.

In every one of the above cases your contact information will be permanently deleted from the blog updates list and you'll be sure you'll never receive other e-mails from my website.