moomapdrawer documentation

Welcome to the moomapdrawer documentation page. For a quick start guide, take a look at the demo page.


moomapdrawer is a namespaces which includes 6 classes:

  • moomapdrawer.map: the map class
  • moomapdrawer.tool: the tool class from which all specific tools inherit
  • moomapdrawer.pointTool: the poin tool (marker) class
  • moomapdrawer.polylineTool: the polyline tool class
  • moomapdrawer.polygonTool: the polygon tool class
  • moomapdrawer.circleTool: the circle tool class

Please for  full reference documentation visit the documentation page at ajs.otto.to.it (my mootools javascript libraries wrapper), since the code is the same, only the namespace changes, and also any changes will be updated at the same time. The documentation has been generated with jsdoc, An inline API documentation processor for JavaScript (awesome).

The plugin comes with its css stylesheet which may be customized to fit your needs.

Feel free to comment here or in the demo page to ask for information or help. Please use the proper github issue page to report bugs.

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