Jeff, a lightweight php framework

Jeff is a modular, OOP, mvc, multi-language, lightweight php framework designed to ease the programmers in the devlopement of web applications.

Jeff is highly extensible. Its default database connector works with MySQL DBMS but thanks to the modularity and the use of factory method pattern it's very easy to write e new connector for example for Postgree and merge it with the framework. 

Apache >= 2.0
mod_expire, mod_header, mod_rewrite enabled
PHP >= 5.0
short open tag enabled
MySQL >= 5.0

Jeff has a complete theme management so that it's very easy to customize your applications.
Jeff comes with a specific admin class which can generate automatically the backoffice  necessary to manage your db tables. Few lines of code and a complete control over your tables!


  • Download the source from my github repository or clone the project using the git command git clone git://github.com/otto-torino/jeff.git
  • Upload all files except from README, LICENSE and jeff.sql on you web server root
  • Create a new database and execute the sql jeff.sql provided.
  • Edit the configuration.php file and set the right database user credentials and some other configurations
  • Surf your web root and enjoy
  • The admin area is reachable adding /admin to your web root. The default user:password is admin:admin

What's next

Read the documentation, surf the code and learn to use it!

Plugins and Modules

Jeff may be extended through the installation of plugins or modules, here you may found a list of the released extensions

  • jeff-flatpage, v1.0: a module that lets you store simple "flat" HTML content in a database and handles the management for you via jeff’s admin interface.