AWR (Abidibo's Web Radio)

AWR pretends to be a web radio streaming software. Actually it is a sort of mplayer gtk interface, written using python and the pygtk3 library.

AWR provides an interface to control web radios streaming with mplayer. Web radios are configured in a json file and showed to the user. Stream can be stopped/paused/resumed. If a connection error occurs a notification message informs you. The mplayer output is parsed in order to get the curent song title and artist, it works with many web radios but not all. Some web radios split the artist and the track title with a new line character.

AWR can be used in every linux system which meet the following requirements:

  • GTK3+
  • python>=2.6
  • mplayer


Download a ZIP from github or clone the project with git:

$ git clone https://github.com/abidibo/AWR.git

then enter in the AWR directory and run:

$ python awr.py

There are some preconfigured web radios, you may add, remove or change them all by modifying the radios.json file inside the conf folder, you can find more info in the README.md file, or directly in the github project page.