This is a mootools plugin which allows to generate a complete gallery of images, videos (youtube and vimeo) and audios. Given the thumbs and full media paths (youtube or vimeo codes for videos) it creates a table structure gallery (autosized) inside a given container with tips and lightbox effect when clicking over an image. Images are loaded sequentially giving a nice loading effect. If used with cpojer's mootools-mobile can managa swipe events for mobile devices in the lightbox view.


It requires

  • mootools core >= 1.4.4


Some options available:

  • show_bullets: show bullets in order to easily navigate through images in the lightbox view
  • support_mobile: whether or not to attach the swipe events (be sure to have loaded the mootools-mobile plugin)
  • onComplete: callback to be executed when the rendering of the thumbs ends

moogallery has been tested with:

  • windows:
    - google chrome 12
    - firefox 12
    - internet explorer 9.0
  • linux:
    - chromium
    - firefox 12 
  • mac:
    - firefox >= 4 
    - safari

If you find errors, bugs or simply have some annotations or advises, please comment here or submit them to the project page hosted on github.

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