moogallery documentation

Welcome to the moogallery documentation page. For a quick start guide, take a look at the demo page.


This is the class that has to be instantiated in order to get a moogallery object. Let's see the public and useful methods.


Constructs a moopopup instance. The syntax is:

var myinstance = new moogallery(container, items_opt, options)

The available options are:

  • container: (string|element). The container id attribute or the element itself.
  • items_opt: (array). The array of media properties. Each element of the array is an object with the following properties:
    • thumb: the path to the thumb image
    • youtube: the youtube video code
    • vimeo: the vimeo video code
    • video_width: the video width
    • video_height: the video height
    • mpeg: the path to the mpeg audio file
    • ogg: the path to the ogg audio file
    • img: the path to the full image
    • title: the image title
    • description: the image description
    • credits: the image credits
  • options: (object). Some options availabe:
    • show_bullets: whether or not to show navigation bullets in lightbox view
    • support_mobile: whether or not to manage swipe events on mobile devices (be sure to have the cpojer's mootools-mobile plugin loaded)
    • onComplete: callback function called when the thumbs rendering ends.


The plugin comes with its css stylesheet which may be customized to fit your needs.

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