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I'm very happy with my fluxbox window manager, but there is a thing which causes me some problems, the lack of a notification message when my laptop battery has a really low charge.

I run conky as monitor display, which shows me battery information, but while I'm working I don't care of my desktop most of the times, I'm overwhelmed by all my opened windows and applications and so always happens that my machine shutdown because my battery dies without my knowledge.

So here comes a script which notifies me when the battery charging is below 14%.


The bash script requires two commands to work: acpi and notify-send.

In order to install them on debian/ubuntu type

$ sudo apt-get install acpi notify-osd

The script

Here it is: battery_notify.sh

battery_info=$(acpi -V | grep Battery | awk 'NR==1')
battery_status=$(echo $battery_info | sed 's/^Battery 0: \([a-zA-Z]*\)\(.*\)/\1/') # Charging | Discharging
battery_percentage=$(echo $battery_info | sed 's/^Battery 0: [a-zA-Z]*, \([0-9]*\)%.*/\1/')
if [ $battery_status == "Discharging" -a $battery_percentage -lt 14 ]
    notify-send "WTF Battery Low" "Plug in your FUKKA AC adapter!"

Remember to give it the execution privilege:

$ chmod +x battery_notify.sh

Use it

Such script must be invoked every n minutes, so you may create a cron job, or, if you use a monitor display application like conky, you can just call it from there. For example add the following line to your conkyrc:

${execi 180 ~/utilities/battery_notify.sh}

This way the script runs every 3 minutes, I think can be a good time interval. Enjoy!

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