Lightscribe on ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, what worked for me

lightscribe linux

Lightscribe technology is cool, but almost noone uses it. Actually it can be hard also to find writable disks,  at least in Italy.

I think this is the reason why having this technology working in ubuntu 64-bit can be a mess. You may find some discussions about the installation of the necessary software, but it seems that there isn't a "widely working" solution, so let's add another "worked for me" solution.

Install the ia32-libs

This package contains runtime libraries for the ia32/i386 architecture, configured for use on an amd64 or ia64 Debian system running a 64-bit kernel.

$ sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 

Download some software

As you can see the last one is a RedHat Package,  unfortunately at the time of this writing it seems impossibile to find a .deb package, so we have to convert it. And we use alien.

$ sudo apt-get install alien
$ mv LaCie\ LightScribe\ Labeler\ 1.0\ Linux.rpm lacie-lightscribe-labeler-1.0.rpm
$ sudo alien -g lacie-lightscribe-labeler-1.0.rpm

Now we must change the architecture entry (i386 in my case) to be the one you need in the debian/control file.

$ cd package-dir/
$ sudo vi debian/control

For example, I added the amd64 architecture and this is how the line ended up:
Architecture: i386, amd64

$ sudo debian/rules binary

This will produce the .deb file.

Install the software

$ sudo dpkg --install --force-architecture lightscribe-
$ sudo dpkg --install --force-architecture lightscribeApplications-
$ sudo dpkg --install --force-architecture lacie-lightscribe-labeler-1.0.deb

Now you can try launching the 4L-gui command from a terminal. Probably you'll receive an error message saying you that a certain library is missing. In my case was the libXrandr

This sounded a bit strange to me, and in fact this was the output of the command locate

$ locate libXrandr

So the problem was that I missed the i386 version of such library. And I've installed it:

$ sudo apt-get install libXrandr2:i386

Then launching the 4L-gui application returned me the same type of error regarding another library (and so on...), and I've followed the exact same procedure to get rid of them:

$ sudo apt-get install libXcursor1:i386
$ sudo apt-get install libXinerama1:i386

After that the LaCie Labeler Software run well, and I could use my lightscribe DVD burner


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