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Hi everybody!

It turns out that our astonishing watch can perform voice commands to the phone.
And that's good news! You can perform as Michael Knight and women will tear their air to be at your side.

I thought about this possibility long time ago' but foolishly I supposed that there was no way to stream my fucking voice from the watch to the phone (except during a phone call), now I've discovered I was wrong.

When the watch is connected to the phone, the getVoice command of tasker is able to listen directly from the watch microphone.

But let's proceeed one step at a time.

If you've not done it yet, read my previous entry about "How to get the best of your U8 smartwatch". You will see that it is possible to use the watch dialer as a way to send commands to the phone and perform tasks.

So we just have to bind a speech recognition task to a custom phone number. And speaking about speech recognition tasks, some times ago' I wrote about "How to create your own speech recognition application with tasker".

That's it! Putting together the information you can find in the two above articles, you can create a custom vocabulary of commands which can be triggered directly from your watch. Of course you can also intercept recognition errors and notifying them to the watch and so on...

Ok ok, reinventing the wheel every fucking time is gorgeous but sometimes can be better to use some awesomeness which someone has produced (also) for you, that's why I will use utter! as the speech recognition app.

So here I will show you how to make this thing working:

  • dial number 100 from your watch
  • listen a voice asking you "what can I do for you, honey" (or sort of)
  • pronouncing "What time is it?"
  • having the watch answering "ten past five!" (lol)

Your Smartwatch Loves Tasker!

Since the whole post series about U8 smartwatch and tasker had a good following, I decided to write an entire e-book about the argument. In such book you'll find all the examples discussed here, plus something more. All the concepts and examples are discussed more comprehensively (with guided steps and screenshots), and Tasker is presented in a better way, allowing also the most unexperienced users to benfit of the idea behind this post.

Special introductory price: 3.79 € (epub and pdf)


This is not the place where you can learn to use tasker, but you should definitely learn something about it, because it's awesome.

Create a new tasker profile:

Variable Set, with Variable %CONUM

and bind the following task:

A1: If [ %CONUM eq 100 ]
A2: End Call 
A3: Launch App [ App:utter! ql Data: Exclude From Recent Apps:Off Always Start New Copy:Off Continue Task After Error:On ] 
A4: End If 
A5: Stop [ With Error:Off Task: ] 

The A3 command launches utter! ql, in other words launches the utter! recognition listener. When launched it tells you something like "How can I help you?" or  "Fire away abidibo" etc.., and you will hear that through your watch speaker, then you can sing your voice command which will be then intepreted by utter! and performed!

Obviously utter! can be configured and if I remember correctly also the "How can I help" phrase can be customized, together with more useful things, so dig in the utter! documentation in order to bend it to your will.

Et voilà, now dial number 100 from your watch (you'd better want to save it in the address book), wait until you hear the "tell me" phrase and finally ask your watch to tell you the time. Pretty fucking awesome isn't it? You don't even need to look yor watch screen to get the time anymore! Lol.
A part from that you can also do something really useful, like calling persons, publishing facebook status, writing messages and emails, asking for your horoscope and all the goodness that utter! let's you perform.

One thing to notice here. MAYBE (I've not tested it and probably I won't) that setting utter! to wake up with a wake up phrase (like 'OK Google') can work directly from your watch, eliminating the need to write the tasker profile and task (and obviously to dial a fake number), but that would be overkilling for my poor phone battery, so I prefer to trigger "manually" the utter! recognize functionality.

See you soon!

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Your Smartwatch Loves Tasker!

Your Smartwatch Loves Tasker!

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