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jeff-flatpage is a jeff module that lets you store simple "flat" HTML content in a database and handles the management for you via jeff’s admin interface. It is the right module to use for the creation of "About" or "Privacy Policy" type pages, which don't need a specific module and implementation.

So it's ready! The first jeff module for the management of HTML contents is available for the download in the otto github account, release v1.0.

Let's see the main features:

  • Management of html pages (date, title, subtitle abstract, text, images, videos, visualization privileges)
  • Visualization through customizable templates
  • Translations availables for english and italian
  • Error pages 404 (not found) and 403 (forbidden)
  • Possibility to restrict the access to contents to a set of chosen system groups.

Please for complete instructions about the module installation refer to the README file of the github repository.

Please comment here for general considerations, use the proper github area for bug reporting.

Enjoy it ;)

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