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Mr ans Mrs, señores y señoras the first release of the Jeff Wiki is ready. It contains some sections that covers almost all the development stuffs:

  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Structure
  • Core classes
  • Libraries
  • Modules
  • Default installed themes
This guide is written for development purposes. Contains the declaration and description of all Jeff classes, modules and libraries. After reading it a developer should be able to extend the framework at his like and to build new modules.


Explains the system requirements


Explains how to install Jeff and get ready with it. jeff is a php framework but has also some CMS characteristics so that after installation it's possible to surf to a default index page and the default administrative area.


This is a tour in the process that led to the document page rendering. Starting from the entry point,index.php, and ending with the single method output and the general template rendering. Here the passages are explained, so that the developer may understand how the different core modules and features interacts to render the final document.

Core classes

All the core classes are explained and documented. Core classes are the ones which formed the framework structure and are used throughout the framework. 


All the php and javascript libraries are described in this section. Php libraries regards general functions and variable filters. The javascript libraries are used for UI tasks, ajax request and some other stuffs.


All the default Jeff modules are described: user, settings, language, menu, page and so on...

Default installed themes

Only two words about the default installed themes

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