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Today I'll introduce you AWR, my first python/GTK software which actually acts as an interface to mplayer in order to manage web radio streams.

AWR is a free, open source, python project, the code is hosted on github, feel free to use, fork, contribute and so on...


© 2013 Stefano Contini - MIT License (http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).


  • The web radios appearing in the interface inside genre-tabs are configurable through a simple json file, you can add, remove them as you like.
  • Toggle light/dark interface (click over abidibo's avatar)
  • Streams can be stopped/paused/resumed.
  • When a connection error occurs a notification message informs you.
  • The mplayer output is parsed in order to get the current song title and artist, it works with many web radios but not all. Some web radios split the artist and the track title with a new line character. In the future perhaps I'll make the regexp configurable in the json file.

AWR was developed using the pygtk3 technology, no glade was armed in the making of this project.


  • GTK+3
  • python (2.6 or later)
  • mplayer
  • Unix system

AWR was developed in a Debian environment and has not been tested in other distributions, but I think it may work without problems also in other linux distros.

Actually gipi was able to make it run on a mac, I'll ask him to specify the required steps.


Just download the project zip file, extract it and run awr.py.

Or clone the git repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/abidibo/AWR.git ./
$ cd AWR.git
$ python awr.py


AWR comes with some web radios preconfigured. You may want to change them all or add some, then let's see how.

The configuration file is the radios.json file inside the conf folder. Open it and notice that all web radios are divided by genres. Each genre occupies a notebook page in the interface. Add here your genres or web radios. A web radio json object requires:

  • name: the radio name
  • url: the streaming url
  • description: the radio description (a few words)
  • img: the path to the image file relative to the project root. In the provided software all images are 64X64 px.
  • playlist: whether or not the playlist option is required for mplayer to stream this url

Click the abidibo avatar to toggle between light and dark themes.


Feel absolutely free to contribute to the project, pull requests are welcome!

The author says

Surely this is not a killer feature software, but I really enjoyed its development and it let me dive a bit in the world of GTK. I like mplayer, I find it very efficient and since I use mpd + ncmcpp to manage my mp3 collection, I only needed a comfortable interface to control web radio streams, so rythmbox and friends were over-featured for me.

Enjoy it!

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