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jeff-flatpages, html page module for jeff framework

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jeff-flatpage is a jeff module that lets you store simple "flat" HTML content in a database and handles the management for you via jeff’s admin interface. It is the right module to use for the creation of "About" or "Privacy Policy" type pages, which don't need a specific module and implementation.

So it's ready! The first jeff module for the management of HTML contents is available for the download in the otto github account, release v1.0.

Let's see the main features:

  • Management of html pages (date, title, subtitle abstract, text, images, videos, visualization privileges)
  • Visualization through customizable templates
  • Translations availables for english and italian
  • Error pages 404 (not found) and 403 (forbidden)
  • Possibility to restrict the access to contents to a set of chosen system groups.

Please for complete instructions about the module installation refer to the README file of the github repository.

Please comment here for general considerations, use the proper github area for bug reporting.

Enjoy it ;)

Jeff Tutorial - Installazione

jeff php tutorial

In questo tutorial vediamo come installare Jeff e creare un ambiente vergine pronto per aiutarci nello sviluppo di una qualunque applicazione.
Qui suppongo che si lavori in ambiente LAMP, ma con altre configurazioni non è che le cose siano molto diverse.

Scarichiamo Jeff

Per scaricare Jeff possiamo visitare la pagina https://github.com/otto-torino/jeff e premere il pulsante download (sono disponibili 2 formati: tar.gz e zip), oppure utilizzare il comando git:

git clone git://github.com/otto-torino/jeff.git ./jeff

A questo punto ci ritroveremo con la cartella jeff che include tutto il codice necessario. Mettiamo la cartella all'interno della document root, tipo


e passiamo alla creazione del database...

Creiamo un db

All'interno della cartella principale troviamo il file jeff.sql, il quale contiene le istruzioni SQL per creare le tabelle di cui Jeff ha bisogno nella sua configurazione base. Allora dobbiamo:

  • Creare un database, ad esempio db_jeff
  • Creare un utente che possa eseguire statements sul database creato, in fase di sviluppo ed in locale solitamente questo non si fa e si utilizza l'utente root senza password
  • Eseguire tutte le query contenute nel file jeff.sql per creare le tabelle, questo si ...

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Jeff and mooReadAll added to Softpedia

jeff me mooReadAll otto softpedia

on the 26 of july 2011 I received an email from the Softpedia editorial team congratulating and announcing that my 2 little creatures: Jeff and mooReadAll were added to their database. They assign me a page as a developer, with the products I've done.

I know this is not the end of the world but I'm proud of such thing.

Both creatures are licensed under the MIT license, and developed by me inside Otto srl

The Jeff Wiki is out

jeff php webmaster programming

Mr ans Mrs, señores y señoras the first release of the Jeff Wiki is ready. It contains some sections that covers almost all the development stuffs:

  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Structure
  • Core classes
  • Libraries
  • Modules
  • Default installed themes
This guide is written for development purposes. Contains the declaration and description of all Jeff classes, modules and libraries. After reading it a developer should be able to extend the framework at his like and to build new modules.


Explains the system requirements


Explains how to install Jeff and get ready with it. jeff is a php framework but has also some CMS characteristics so that after installation it's possible to surf to a default index page and the default administrative area.


This is a tour in the process that led to the document page rendering. Starting from the entry point,index.php, and ending with the single method output ...

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