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Fluxbox, configure an external monitor

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One problem I still haven't solved with fluxbox is how to manage multiple monitors resolutions.
More specifically, I can stream the output over multiple monitors, I can have multiple resolutions, but fluxbox sizes itself considering only the first screen resolution.

For example if I boot my machine with an external VGA monitor connected, the system boots and both the VGA monitor and the laptop monitor work (even if the laptop monitor is closed). The problem here is that my laptop monitor has a 1366x768 resolution, while the external monitor is fullHD. So what happens is that I'll have the maximum resolution supported by all active monitors (1366x768) and so my fullHD monitor looks very ugly!

I learned playing ...

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Connect to WPA2 wireless network through command line

linux network tips

There is one rule I learned during my linux experience: If you want to learn things, you've to break things.
Trying to solve problems alone is the best way to increase your linux knowledge.

That said, almost every disaster can be recovered through your command line, so when X crashes, when you have broken your windows manager or display manager, you'll always be able to recover from terminal, BUT you need at least one thing: one active internet connection.

If you can go with a LAN cable ok, there is hopefully no problem, but what if only a WPA protected wlan network is available for you?
Clearly you've to connect to such network through command line in ...

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Two must-have apps for android sysadmins

android mobile tips

This is only a short post to speak about two free awesome applications which I considered essential (especially the keyboard one) to perform sysadmin task from remote.


The terminal

I've tried a lot of them, and finally I decided to stay with Android Terminal Emulator, is fast and clean, and works well on my SGS.

The keyboard

Well, for those like me who can't edit text without vim the first problem to face when editing from mobile is ...

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Django, add properties to model instances

django programming tips

I've just discovered a great thing on django. Like in javascript, it is possible to add dynamically properties to a model instance, and use them inside a template. This is extremely useful in my opinion because saves us from creating a new dictionary mapping the object properties with the addition of the properties that we want to add.

Here a short example: I have a model WorkingPlace which is related to a model Case in the sense that every ...

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Change the user agent in android default browser

android tips

Se anche a voi sta sul cazzo il fatto che molti siti che dispongono di una versione mobile la rendano "limitata" e soprattutto rendano disponibili a pagamento la maggior parte dei contenuti che sono gratuiti  per la versione desktop, allora potrà tornarvi utile questa semplice procedura.

Il dispositivo mobile viene "intercettato" andando a leggere lo user agent fornito dal browser, pertanto non ci resta che modificarlo in modo da fingere di essere un browser classico che gira su sistema operativo "tipo desktop".

Ecco come fare:

  1. aprite il browser
  2. Nella barra degli indirizzi digitate about:useragent
  3. Si aprirà una view con scelta multipla, potete selezionare lo user agent che intendete impostare, in questo caso "desktop"
  4. Andate a leggervi la gazzetta o la repubblica senza pagare una mazza

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