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The importance of semantics in html documents

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Wow, the first post of the last year of the world...

In the last weeks I've discovered the importance of the semantics rules applied to the web documents (well, really I knew it before, but I had never given it the importance it has).
The html5 specification introduces some new interesting html elements which plays a leading rule in this sense. Here I speak about some of them since many and many articles may tell you the same story and probably in a better way, look at this for example.

With the older html4 and XHTML the semantic structure of the page was determined essentially by the title tag in the head of the document and by all the h1..h6 tags in the body, which all represents an headline in a descendant order. In particular if you wanted to have a semantic structure with only one external root element you had to use only one h1 element. Then you had to use the others (in descendant order) to create semantics subsections.

The html5 specification introduces some semantic elements which may be used to create more complex semantic structures, and solve some situations that couldn't be managed earlier ...

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